Notable Lantern Eve

So I don't want to give too much away.
But here's how we came up with the name for this show:

Graciela: Hey Richard,
I got your text message the other day. We do need a
name for the show. I have no clue. I don't think our
work is even relatable in any way this time around.

Richard: as for a name
how you would you feel about an anagram?
notable latern eve
is an anagram for "not even relatable" (like our work)
so is
benevolent latera

Graciela: Aw. I love, love,
love, Notable Latern Eve. That's my vote.

Richard: That's actually my vote too.
it has a name.

Graciela: You know what I just realized, Notable Lantern Eve has
3 N's where as Not Even Relatable only has 2. Is that
still an anagram?

Richard: so it's an anagram for "N Not Even Relatable"
who cares?
no one will know but us
& it's still a cool name

Niandra La Des is suppsed to be an anagram for Aladdin Sane but it doesn't really work either.


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